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A People-First

Serving our community by reshaping construction culture – providing fulfilling careers for our people, and high-quality workmanship for our customers.

Musselman Excavating is dedicated to building on a legacy established over 30 years ago by founder Tom. We pride ourselves on high quality workmanship, customer service and company culture. Our mission is to exceed the expectation of our client again and again, completing projects quickly, to budget, without ever sacrificing their integrity.

With a team of 60+ we're always changing, innovating and adding new talent. Coupled with the companies extensive history and desire to grow, the future of Musselman Excavating looks bright.


Great equipment means nothing without a great crew. We employ some of the best in the industry. Providing our team with stable, rewarding work and opportunities to move forward in their career is why we're here. We take care of our people - so they can take care of you.


Being supportive of our community is what keeps us going. Looking out for that community, one another as well as other trades on the job site is written into our culture.


What sets us apart is that we're always hungry for more. More skills, bigger projects, new divisions. Our company has evolved around our peoples desire to take on new challenges and pursue different things in their career.

Our Team.


Tom Musselman

Tom founded Musselman in 1987 with some reluctance, but great hopes and dreams. It's evolved to where it is today because of his sharp witted, whole hearted business practice. Tom passed away in 2010 after a three year battle with ALS. He's left behind an incredible legacy, and will be forever in the hearts of everyone who met him.

"We are in a great industry. Oh you get dirty and you pull your back muscles out once in a while, and then there is sun stroke and frostbite, but at the end of the day you can look back and see what you've done and feel good about it. That's one thing my dad told me, take time to appreciate your work."

​-  Tom Musselman

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