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A Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

From earth works to sewer watermain, trust Musselman to get the job done right, the first time.


Storm servicing, sanitary servicing, and water servicing, emergency repairs, service tie-in connections for private or municipal properties, septic tanks and beds.


Sewer watermain/site servicing requires specialized knowledge and equipment. Whether you’re looking for reconstruction of existing underground infrastructure or new infrastructure, our highly experienced, specialized and growing team can tackle your project.

Sewer Watermain
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Construction layout of underground services, roads, grading and curb. Quantity/volume surveying, as built surveys, GPS surface file work.


Civil surveying involves assessing and recording details about a specific area of land. These

observations are used to aid in the planning of construction projects. The purpose of surveying in civil engineering is determining the three-dimensional relationships between different locations. We have the ability to layout with GPS and total station.


Earth grading, commercial

development, industrial subdivisions, residential subdivisions, landfills, parking lots, storm management.

No matter the size or type of a project, they all will require some sort of Bulk Earthworks. When development projects get designed there are many requirements that must be met for water drainage, storm water management and general site elevating. With our experienced team and state of the art GPS technology we are prepared to tackle projects up to 500,000M3.

General Site Contracting


Environmental clean-ups, slope stabilizations, storm channel/ waterway construction and rehab, gravel pit/quarry rehabilitation, haulage/disposal of waste.

Environmental remediation refers to reducing contamination sources, from things like contaminated soil, groundwater or surface water. The purpose is more than just removing contaminated materials; it is about protecting people and the

environment against potential harmful effects from exposure.

Environmental Remediation


Commercial demolition, industrial demolition, residential demolition, selective demolition, interior demolition, specialty demolition.


Whether you are looking to take an entire structure down or remove/salvage interior components of a commercial or industrial building, we have the experienced staff to

complete the work. When preforming demolition, we focus on the most economical and efficient way to

execute the project. We re purpose and recycle waste to lessen the

overall environmental impact, always keeping safety in mind.



Residential, commercial/industrial foundation excavation and backfill. Deep shoring excavation, parking lot grading/granular work, large retaining wall projects.

With our experienced ICI construction team we can undertake any scope of project. Whether we’re working alongside other trades while completing a deep shoring excavation, or while we’re constructing a large retaining wall, you can trust Musselman Excavating to complete the job on time - and on budget. 

Residential Excavation Services
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