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Musselman is helmed by a Kitchener local and seasoned professional with over 25 years of industry experience. Born and raised in Petersburg, Adam’s background stems from carpentry, which quickly developed into a love of all things trades. He began as a carpenter, turned landscape industry professional, turned business owner. With the constant drive to tackle bigger and more challenging projects, excavating seemed like a natural next step. In 2017 Adam had the opportunity to acquire Musselman Excavating, and he quickly dove head first into the exciting world of dirt.


With forward thinking and an appreciation of the past, Adam recognizes Musselman’s strong history as a perfect foundation to grow from. Proud of what his community has achieved, his intentions are simple; put the people first. Whether it’s his talented team of professionals or his growing number of clients, the goal is to deliver exceptional service backed by an exceptional crew.


During a career that spans almost two decades, Adam has established a reputation for integrity, a drive for growth and a passion for new challenges. He’s committed to providing his team with every opportunity, and prides himself on his relationship with the community he knows and loves.

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